5 Steps To Avoid a Fake Driving School

If you guys are looking for a new great experience for adult entertainment? Have you ever had driving lessons with a driving school instructor and found that they were a bit creepy or touchy feely? Well a new site has launched from the guys who made Fake Taxi and it has nothing but guys like them on it!

The whole goal of fake driving school is to teach you a few things:

1) How to avoid a fake driving school before going there.
2) The warning signs of a fake driving instructor.
3) What to do when you find yourself in the car of a fake driving instructor.
4) How really hot chicks react when they are in a fake taxi.
5) Why are you still reading this list? Go check it out at http://www.fakedrivingschool.com!

The best thing to do in a situation like this is to go check it out!

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Face Down Ass Up

There was an old 2 Live Crew song that pretty much always made me think of sex and how I like to fuck. Face Down Ass Up, that’s the way I like to fuck. The same notion applies when I pleasure myself watching porn; I love to see hot pornstars on all four either being fucked or fucking themselves. I have a penchant and preference for tanned women, regardless of where they’re from, Latina, Ebony, Asian, South Asian, etc. it just doesn’t matter so long as the skin is dark and the pussy is pink.
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Love you on all four

I think doggy style is the best position when it comes to fucking. You get this perfect bird’s eye view of view of not only the pussy but also the ass. There are so many ways that the position can help, in terms of thrusting you can get your cock much deeper into her if you hit it from the back. There is also the possibility of letting your cock slide into her asshole when you have sex from that position too. Next time you’re on all four think about the possibilities.

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Two Is Always Better Than One

Being shared by two hot women is the as close to perfect as life gets when you’re having sex. I mean two is a pair right and two pairs of tits on cock is good but two pairs of lips sucking your cock is as close to heaven as a man can get without dying or being on illicit substances. These two chicks are horny college chicks discovering how much they like to do things together and what better than a cock to share because sharing is caring.
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Fodder for the Mind

Sometimes when you have more left for the imagination the better it is when you’re fantasizing about a woman. Sometimes the suggestiveness of a given picture or of a sexy video is better than seeing the real thing. The mind is a powerful too so when you see a picture of a sexy Latina hottie bent over with her shorts pulled down and her panties still on it gives you some fodder for the mind. It’s even better when you actually know her and can fuck that pretty pussy after jerking off to the sexy naked pic of her.
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Hot As Hell

What do you consider hot? Like that one porno scene that gets your blood pumping makes your clit start to throb or your cock to bulge? There is nothing I find more erotic than a good foursome with some hot pornstars to supply the scenery. I caught this sex scene the other day and seeing this hottie with two hard massive cocks in her ass while one of the lucky dudes gets to eat a pussy really got me going. I blew my load right onto the screen when I saw how much she looked like she liked it and kept cuming back for more.
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The hottest porn around

I’m not too particular in my porn. I like to see beautiful women who know what they want but they aren’t afraid to give a man what he wants, either. I like to see women with huge breasts get titty fucked, get fucked in their asses as well as in their tight pussies. I almost end up shooting a load when I see a woman on her knees sucking a cock and then swallowing—or even taking a shot to the face. I guess that I why I keep coming back here, because there is always something new and interesting that helps me get off and relieve pressure because it’s just so hot.
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The Hottest Girls on Earth

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I’ve never been a man who discriminates between one beautiful woman to another. I like to see hot women from all around the world get it on with huge cocks pummeling their pussies, them touching themselves or using huge dildos or even them getting it on with other hotties. I continue to come back to this site again and again because every time I visit there are more and more hotties that are in action and getting me hard and allowing me to rub one out in a hurry.
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Defining My Already Established Hot World

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There is no denying the fact that in every part of the world there are beautiful women. However, among these beautiful babes there are a handful of goddesses that simply bedazzle all those they encounter using their charm and beauty. It’s a hot world out there, and the only way you can sample the “crème de la crème” is to check out a sex blog that shows these hot babes in all their glory. Whether you want to see a hot busty babe riding a cock, or just some beautiful round tits & ass to fulfill your innermost sexual fantasies, no doubt …this is the place to be!
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Now That Is What I Call Hot

What do I call hot? Hot is a dripping wet pussy that I can finger and lick dry. It is the rock hard cock just next to me that is waiting for a firm hand job before it is redirected to its rightful place in my juicy twat. Hot are the many sets of big boobs of all sizes and colors that I can touch, suck, and squeeze them while fingering my pussy. Hot is when I have several rock hard dicks I can mount and ride as I please and have my deepest sexual urges fulfilled. Now that is what I call hot, and what do you call hot yourself? Can you define your hottest fantasies for me?
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